Clinical Documentation

CTech understands that clinical documents must accurately reflect the services provided to each of your patients. Our team is able provide a timely and accurate solution to of all your clinical documentation needs. We facilitate inter-provider communication, allowing healthcare systems to automate decisions and create patient registry functions so public health agencies can manage and research large patient populations more efficiently.

Transcription Solutions

With a large number of new patients entering the healthcare system, it is extremely important that today's physicians stay efficient. Our medical transcription services allow providers to significantly reduce internal resources required to manage medical transcription, thereby increasing the focus on core business activities and patient care. We offer narrative-based transcription services individually customized to work with a physician's unique workflow, providing maximimum efficiency for your practice.

At CTech, we know that the right documentation solutions makes all the difference. That is why we provide the following services:

  • Transcriptionists trained in your speciality
  • 98%+ error-free transcription
  • 100% HIPAA compliance
  • Capability to listen to dictation in queue and/or completed dictation
  • Access to completed documents on a secured document management platform
  • Customizable templates

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