EHR Implementation and Consulting

CTech will work with you to effectively select, adopt and implement EHR solution that fits your needs. Although CTech can provide one of the most robust, cost-effective and customer-friendly clinical EHR solutions on the market today, CTech can work with any EHR that is chosen. CTech has invested in this cutting-edge technology and our goal is to introduce a workable and robust EHR solution to physician group practices.

Today, a lot of EHR implementations are failing because they are not making the physician more productive or efficient. CTech has identified four critical areas where the implementations are typically failing - Lab Orders/Interfaces, Medication Orders and Reconciliation, Revenue Cycle Integration and Clinical Documentation. Of these four areas, Clinical documentation in particular stands out, the biggest challenge being coming up with a solution that provides an easy transition to EHR's and also mimics the current documentation practice used by the physician i.e. hand-written notes, dictation and combination thereof. Most EHR systems today assume that the physician will have the time to use a pull-down menu, point and click approach to complete clinical documentation and effectively replace their current documentation practice. However, most EHR's today end up having the physician spend much more time to accomplish the documentation task. As a result, several EHR's are creating an unacceptable proposition for the physician no matter how attractive the financial incentives to get on board with the EHR implementation.

To address the above areas, CTech has developed an exhaustive pre-implementation approach that encompasses the following towards achieving Meaningful Use criteria:

    Identifying key decisions that impact Project Plan

  • Functionality sequencing
  • Conversion of A/R detail
  • Import of drug and allergy data

    Architecture review

  • Common Patient ID
  • Sharing of drug, allergy, encounter and other clinical data
  • Identifying progressive physician champion


  • Workflow around a patient encounter
  • Lab orders and interfaces with labs
  • Prescription refills and interfaces with pharmacies
  • Communication with referring/specialty physicians
  • PCommunication with patients
  • Integration of existing Practice Management and Revenue Cycle Management solutions
  • Information Technology infrastructure
  • ICMS audit and HIPAA compliance
  • Financial analysis of Clinical Documentation and Revenue Cycle functions
  • Penetration, handling and access of paper-based information


  • Staff training
  • Assistance with MU2 and MU3
  • Streamlining information technology infrastructure
  • Rollout of EHR modules-lab, prescription, patient documentation and patient access
  • Integration of practice management and revenue cycle solutions with EHR
  • Elimination of hand-written notes and transcribed documents
  • HIPAA and statutory compliance
  • Transitioning from current environment
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