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CTech, in partnership with VajraSoft, have developed a cloud-based Intellectual Property (IP) Management suite of products which is a top-notch solution that not only offers a great way to manage IP and lifecycle of innovation, but also assists in getting insights on competitive intelligence and landscape in the same IP space.

Key Features of IPMation:

  • Case Management
  • Global Patient Portfolio Management
  • Track Total Costs on each IP
  • IP Budget Forecasting
  • IP License Management
  • In / Out License Management
  • Automatic Royalties Calculation
  • Track ROI on each IP
  • IP / Patent Analytics
  • Personalized Dashboards
  • Role-based Access and Control
  • Pre-built Integrations with HR, Email and ERP Applications

Key Benefits of IPMation:

  • Unified Business Process and Automation
  • Visibility to Buisiness Operations
  • Eliminate Application Data Silos
  • IP Analytics Reporting Based on KPI's
  • Ease of Use
  • Improved User Productivity
  • Manage Users
  • Informed Decision Making

IPMation includes an array of applications including:

IP Wayz - a global portfolio management system that helps manage the portfolio of your business

IP Cost-O-Meter - a tool which automates global IP Cost Estimation

IP Monetizer - an application which manages IP licenses

IP Patenalytics - a system of dashboards and reports which provide insight used to improve revenue streams

More Information

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