Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is a technique that is employed to ensure that a project has all the necessary skill and expertise that it requires and to complete the objectives in the business process. The strategy entails evaluation of the skill level possessed by the existing staff and then determining the additional skills that might be required.

CTech enables its clients to take advantage of its staff augmentation model by virtue of our extremely skilled and thoroughly seasoned personnel. The projects that we develop are therefore cost effective for the client as this technique allows the client to increase their manpower working on the project without having to worry about issues such as personnel training or staffing.

This strategy provides innumerable benefits, a few of which are:

  • It enables us to deliver high quality projects
  • The projects are delivered within a stipulated time frame
  • The projects are completed faster
  • Staff augmentation also does away with the cost and time needed for internal training and skill development
  • It increases the number of people employed on the project
  • The client does not require any office space or equipment
  • The client does not have to worry about personnel training or staffing

CTech follows an immaculate Staff Augmentation process in order to provide our clients with impeccable services:

  • We regularly interact with clients and ask for their feedback to ensure that the services they are availing are of the highest quality
  • We constantly appraise the performance of our employees
  • Our employees possess an excellent level of skill and expertise
  • We follow an extremely thorough recruitment strategy that involves highly technical interviews and practical sessions

Our Staff Augmentation Model follows a sophisticated approach to provide the clients with Software Development services of the utmost quality. In addition to an extremely short turn around time, the model also enables the client to meet his project budget and reduce project resource costs. Since most of the technical experts are provided from our side, the clients' manpower can be diverted to complete other key projects.

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