Interface Development

Between Hospital System and Practice's PM/Billing/EHR System

In CTech's experience, significant labor costs can be reduced for hospital-based practices when a robust interface is built between the hospital's ADT, charges data repository and the providers' practice management and billing system. Currently, most hospital-based practices get the data from a hospital in various forms such as paper, excel spreadsheets or text files and end up re-entering it into their Practice Management systems. This not only has the potential for missing some of the data, but it also adds significant labor expense on the billing side. By intelligently parsing and managing data, applying rules and edit checks the same way a human would, re-entry of data can be eliminated to a large extent.

New Integration

  • AdvancedMD®
  • Allmeds®
  • AmazingCharts®
  • Centricity PM by GE®
  • eClinicalWorks®
  • Epic®
  • GMed®
  • HMS®
  • Kareo®
  • Meditech®
  • Medstreaming®
  • MedSym®
  • AllScripts®
  • POL path®
  • SOAPware EMR by DOCS®
  • SuccessEHS®
  • Tiger by AllScripts Misys®
  • UNIConnect®

Usual Workflow Prior to Implementing CTech Interface:

Manual charge entry
from hospital census
and procedure sheets

Manual claim

Manual reconciliation,
delayed submission and
missed charges/revenue

High percentage of
clean-up work and

After Implementing CTech Interface:

Between Practice's PM/Billing and Third Party EHR System

More and more, hospitals are promoting the adoption of EHR's for their hospital-based practices by offering EHR's to them that are well-integrated with the hospital's systems and also come at a discounted price point per what is allowed by CMS. However, many practices are quite hesitant to convert their Billing system to a new system because they are hesitant to put their A/R at risk during the transition. Also, some of the EHR systems promoted by the hospital are not as robust in functionality compared to what practices use. As a result, there is a growing need in the market to build interfaces between PM/Billing and EHR systems so demographics/charges and critical master file data can be passed from PM/Billing system to EHR system and Charges data can be passed back from the EHR to PM/Billing system. This approach minimizes the risk for the practice and also enables them to use EHR system to meet the Meaningful Use criteria and take advantage of hospital's discounted price structure. CTech has developed a robust middleware to address this need.

After Implementing CTech Interface:

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